BELLA ON TV: Yesterday TV 8pm Thursday 6th December – Episode 4 of ‘Nazi Murder Mysteries’ series.

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2017 saw two independent British films being made about Bella – one is a black and white drama by Tom Lee Rutter described as ‘a mood piece chronicling the fateful day of the discovery of an unidentified skeleton in Hagley Wood to the folkloric theories that followed’ and the other from Jayne Harris is a documentary which includes atmospheric interviews filmed in an underground Second World War command centre in the Drakelow Tunnels near Kinver in Worcestershire, a suitable location indeed if Bella was actually involved as some believe in a Nazi spy ring.  The block of images below of the tunnels include pictures taken as the film interview with Andrew Sparke was set up.


Still and clip from Tom Lee Rutter’s film:


A fictional account set in the modern day is due for release by teen production company Juvi Films in late 2018. The storyline is that following the discovery of a human skull the boys try to investigate and are met with resistance at every turn. Suspecting that the remains may belong to the deceased sister of one of the boys, the groups allegiance splits as one of the parents is suspected as the perpetrator of the crime. In an unforeseen twist one of the boys is revealed as the culprit, having accidently killed his sister some years before. As the story unfolds we discover that the parents colluded to conceal the events of the death to protect the boy.