Bella’s story continues to attract attention as well as linking into strands of other World War II related material. This page acts as a reference to other such useful material.

Steve Punt PI, Series 7 Episode 4 Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?
For BBC Radio 4: includes interviews with the 101-year-old forensic biologist on the case, the author Joyce Coley and Professor Norman Fenton, expert witness in major criminal trails, who subjects Punt’s findings to analysis, building a unique model especially for the programme.

For the true story of the last man executed at the Tower of London and proof that Clara Bauerle could not have been Bella see the site run by his grand-daughter, Gigi, whose own biography of the spy will be published hopefully early 2019:

More insight into the Nazi spy elements of the Bella legend can be found in a fictional treatment of another true life spy Engelbertus Fukken by Tony Rowland. Click on the image below for details.

For Nellie Cole’s poetry inspired by the Bella story see

For Jayne Harris the Bella film producer see

For a wonderful supernatural novel  based on the Bella legend then look no further than The Hollow Tree by Bromsgrove based author, James Brogden.